Wednesday, 23 August 2017

WIP Wednesday, Snowdrop Lace Cowl

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Welcome to the next installment of WIP Wednesday!

A cowl knit in bulky bright red wool  It's scrunched up on a set of circular needles.This time around, here's a look at another Snowdrop Cowl I'm knitting up.  This one will eventually be for sale in my Etsy shop when I finish it.   I know, it's scrunched up and ugly right now, but you can blame part of that on the needles I'm using.   Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my old Aero needles, but the cords on them don't unkink well (at all really), so the knitting ends up rather wonky.  (Is 'wonky' a technical term?) 
 The yarn is Blue Sky Fibers Bulky in the colour "Lava." It's a gorgeous yarn to work with, but it's definitely Super Bulky. It's like knitting with rope!  That's not a bad thing though, so long as you're using big enough needles. These are 6mm needles, and they're probably the smallest I would go with this yarn (even the 6mms are a tight knit).

The only thing I can say that's not awesome about this yarn is that is sheds:  I was picking little red fuzzies off my shirt all last night!  It's 50% wool, 50% alpaca, but it's a lightly spun single.  It's almost like working with pencil roving!  So the fuzz and shedding is somewhat to be expected. This will definitely be a hand-wash only item when I finish it!

The *Feather Stitch marker is another part of my Etsy haul from *EfficientSense's Etsy Store, and since it's a locking lobster clasp, there's no problems using it with the bulky yarn or 6mm needles!

Stay tuned for next week's WIP Wed, and thanks for reading!

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