Wednesday, 16 May 2018

WIP Wednesday: Ice Cream Sundae Socks

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A pair of socks on double-pointed needles.  The yarn is blue flecked with yellow, white, and pink.It's a new WIP this week for WIP Wed!  These are the Ice Cream Sundae Socks, and they're slated as the 3rd Quarter pattern release for my Pattern Muses over on Patreon!  (Don't worry, they'll be available to the general public, Pattern Muses just get to have input on the pattern design process!)

Honestly, I'm not 100% sold on the name.  I originally planned these in a different yarn, and when I switched, the name didn't make sense. So, I settled on Ice Cream Sundae, partially because of the yarn, and partially because of the stitch pattern.   If you've got an opinion on the name, please, hop over to Patreon and voice it as one of my Pattern Muses!

So, the yarn I'm using is an Eat.Sleep.Knit exclusive from last year's Yarnathon -- Queen Frostline Sundae on *Blue Moon Fiber Arts Super Sparkle.  I was quite worried about how it would pool, but it's working up quite well, I think!

Close up of a knitted sock in progress.  The yarn is blue, flecked with pink, yellow, and white.  The stitch pattern is a slanting ribbing stitch.
Needles are 2mm (US 0) *HiyaHiya Double-Pointed Needles, which is pretty much my usual for knitting socks. (it's 2mm or 2.25mm, it seems!)

The yarn bowl is my amazing find from *NaturalKnotWood.  I'm seriously thinking of getting a few more yarn bowls from their store, next chance I get!

I'm actually quite happy with how these are turning out, I have to admit. I really wasn't sure the yarn would work with the stitch pattern, but it actually does quite well.

Well, that's it for this week!  As always, I'd love to see what you crafty folks are making out there, and it doesn't have to be knitting! Please, post your own crafty awesomeness to the comments below!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

WIP Wednesday: Symbol Gloves

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Ok.  So back to another major WIP -- the Symbol Gloves! "Gloves" is a bit of misnomer, since they're actually going to be fingerless mittens.  But, either way, they're still working out ok. 

The double-knitting is getting faster the more I do it, which is good, but it's still far slower then my normal knitting speed.  And, I'm into the chart now, which means that it's quite slow. Unlike normal colourwork, which I can get through relatively quickly, double-knitting colourwork takes a lot more time (and a lot more brain-power)!

Ribbed Double-Knitting in the round on a set of DPNS.Yep.  Double knitting definitely isn't television knitting.  At least not for me, not yet.  I -might- take these to knit night.  Maybe. Depends on how daring I am, I guess?

These are on my *2mm double-pointed HiyaHiya needles, and that seems to be working out well.  Yarn is *Northbound Knitting Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering, in "Littoria" and "Espresso."  The silver feather stitch marker is another awesome find from *EfficientSense's Etsy Store

I do have to say, one major take-away is that new knitting techniques do get easier with practice!  Double-knitting always seemed so scary to me, and now it's not.   I won't call it easy, (maybe one day!) but it's no longer nearly as intimidating as it was when I started working on these!  It's a reminder that any knitting skill is learn-able with enough practice!

One challenge I'm having with it though; and maybe those folks who are better at double-knitting then me can answer:  My yarn keeps twisting.  It's like what happens if you don't keep dominance in colourwork.   Is this supposed to happen or am I doing something I shouldn't?  It's not unbearable, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something.   Thanks in advance for any advice on this one!

As always, thanks for reading!  And I've love to see what you're making on this WIP Wed!  (And not just knitting, anything crafty!)  Feel free to post your own WIPs in the comments here!

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

WIP Wednesday: Crochet Scarf and Hood

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Ok. So the Crochet Scarf and Hood is -almost-done! (And yes, it needs a better name, I know.)  

I'm in the finishing stage, and while I don't usually like sewing, this one really isn't too bad!  For some reason, I find sewing crochet actually a lot easier then sewing knitting.  I have no idea why, but it's a consistent thing for me. 
A crochet scarf folded in half.  It is partially seamed at the top of the fold, there is a needle threaded with matching yarn threaded between two stitches as if to do a mattress stitch.

Anyway, I got a bit of seaming done on this on the train, of all places, while I was travelling to the Ontario Welsh Festival over the weekend. (If you want to read my attempts at Welsh, you can check out my Facebook post or Public Patreon Post about the Festival!)  The picture was taken once I got home, though. 

I'm honestly not sure exactly how long of a seam I'll need for the hood -- I'm trying it on as I go.  Once I get the prototype completely finished, I'll figure out the seam length when I grade the pattern for size.   It's definitely too warm to wear this right now - Spring has definitely finally arrived, but that means it'll be sure to be done for this Winter, which is exciting!

Yarn is one of the January *Exclusive Colourways from *EatSleepKnit -- "Sea Witch" on *Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silky Targhee.  It's a wonderful yarn to work with -- I was worried about how it would pool, but the pooling's actually worked in my favour!  (For those who still want some of the 'Sea Witch' colourway, at the time of this writing it's *still available on the "Featherlight" base.)

The hook I used is a 3.75 mm (US F) hook from Turn of the Century.  I've written oodles about the awesome-ness of these hooks before, so I'll close by saying that they are amazing, and these hooks are probably the big reason I got back into crochet!

I'm hoping to get this finished up and onto testing soon -- if all goes according to plans, I'm hoping for a Fall/Winter release for this!  So, as always, stay tuned here for test-knit calls and new releases!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this week's WIP Wed, and stay tuned for next week's post!  As always, I'd love to see what you're working on in the blog comments -- and it doesn't have to be crochet or knitting!  

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Featured Pattern and Mini-KAL: Spring Leaves Market Bag

Hello everyone, and welcome to my May Featured Pattern!  
It looks like we're finally into Spring, so, the Spring Leaves Market Bag is now 50% off for the month of May at $2.75 CAD! (Regular Price, $5.50 CAD). 
This drawstring mesh market bag was designed with spring in mind -- for the days of Farmer's Markets; Outdoor picnics; or for carrying a towel to the pool or beach. It's knit in a sturdy cotton/linen blend, though any sturdy yarn would hold up well. A twisted cord drawstring allows for easy carrying and helps to keep the bag tied shut.
A cream-coloured mesh bag with a drawstring. The drawstring is pulled closed and has been tied into a bow.
Photography: Stephanie Wallace
Buy Now
CAD $2.75
You can buy the pattern through Ravelry or Etsy, the discount is available on both platforms.  The discount should be applied automatically on Ravelry, and be visible on Etsy.   As always, let me know if something doesn't work!

Now as usual, onto the Mini-KAL!

For the month of May, a finished Spring Leaves Market Bag has a chance to win a pattern from any of my self-published patterns!  To enter on the blog, simply post a link to your completed Spring Leaves Market Bag in the comments of this post by May 31, 2018.  Please note that the bag doesn't have to have been started in May, just finished in May!

You can also win by posting to the giveaway on Facebook, my Ravelry Group, and on Instagram, giving 4 chances to win in total!*

I always look forward to seeing your Finished Objects! Please post them to various social media with #SarahDawnsDesigns, and/or to my Ravelry Group if you're on Ravelry.  That way, I can see the awesome that you folks make!

*One entry per person for each project per platform (four possible entries total for each completed project). Winners will be drawn at random using random number generation. Winners must be 18+ years of age, and have a valid e-mail address to receive the patterns. Participants may enter the same project on more then one platform, but may only enter each project once per platform.

Friday, 27 April 2018

FO Friday: Lorien Cowl!

Well, you folks have seen the Lorien Cowl from pretty much start to finish, so, here it is, the FO of the Lorien Cowl!

A blue-green lace cowl laying flat.  It is knit in fingering-weight.So absolutely, I didn't end up needing the full skein -- which is great news, since it means that this is the perfect project to use up those extra half-skein leftovers!  I haven't yet measured my sample to see exactly how much (or how little) yarn it uses, but at most, it's about half-the skein.  Yarn is the now-discontinued Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Fingering in "Neptune", and I'm sad this is discontinued.  I quite like it!  If I'd known it was going to be discontinued at the time, I'd have stocked up.  But, this is pretty deep stash (from 2013, wow!), so I would have had no idea back then!

I don't know when the test-knit or release will happen for this.  I'm tentatively planning for a pattern release sometime in Fall/Winter 2018, but that is always subject to change this far out.  

Well, I hope you enjoyed a look at a longer-standing WIP finally off the needles!  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

WIP Wednesday: MacAskill Scarf

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Welcome back to another installment of WIP Wed! I'm actually quite thrilled I've been able to keep this going as long as I have, and I hope you folks enjoy seeing what I'm up to!

So this week's WIP is further progress on my MacAskill Scarf!  I know it doesn't look that different still. With the longer pattern repeats, it's hard to see my progress sometimes!(this scarf is one of those projects where I should be putting a marker in to mark my progress).  But, there has been progress, I promise!  This has become my knit night project. While it's not the most absolute, brainless social knitting, it's not bad, either.  The chart makes it easy to keep my place, and with 2 exceptions, the WS rows are 'knit what you see'. 
A blue bulky-weight scarf with a Celtic-knot pattern.  Laying underneath the scarf is a black cat, the cat's head is visible.

(And yes, the cat was 'helping' me take this photo,   I think she liked being under the scarf!)

Anyway, the yarn is *Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Superwash Bulky in "Fjord Heather", and the pattern is my very own *MacAskill scarf, available as a digital download, or as part of the *Windward Collection.   The needles are my maple-wood needles from Turn of the Century -- I don't usually do too much work with straight needles, but for a scarf, they work out fine, and I love the feel!

I'm still not quite to the 5th pattern repeat of the scarf, but it doesn't look like I'll need my last skein of yarn. (Which is good, because that yarn's since been earmarked for another project!)  So while this scarf hasn't been a fast knit, that's partially on me, since I've only been working on it off and on. Now I'm on a kick to clear out some WIP's, so hopefully I can do just that!  It's too late to wear it this year, but it can sit in my drawer and be ready to wear for next year.

I'd love to see if any of you have made or are making the MacAskill Scarf. So, if you are or have,  please, post your creations in the comments so I can "ooh and ahh" over them! (And if you haven't, that's fine too, I'd still love to see what you're making!)

As always, thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more WIP Wed!

Monday, 23 April 2018

Garden Lace Socks Test-Knit Call!

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Hello all!  I'm surprised at myself for posting two test-knits so close, but it just seems to be the way things have fallen this month!

Also, I know that this is a new project to my readers, so, I'm quite happy to present the Garden Lace Socks.  I'm -so- excited I don't have to keep these under wraps any more! 

A sock laying flat, with the top of the foot visible.  The heel is not visible.  A lace pattern goes from the top of the cuff to the toe.Originally, these were going to be slated for a submission where one of the requirements is that they not have appeared anywhere on social media.  But, I shifted gears a little, and these are now being self-published by me.    Please forgive the less-then-stellar photography, but I wanted something to show you folks the finished object, so any testers would at least have some idea of what they were knitting!

These socks are ribbed lace socks designed for sport or fingering-weight yarn.  They are knit cuff down, using a gusset and heel flap.  The toes are seamed with Kitchener Stitch. 

Someone wearing a jade green lace sock on their foot.  The sock has garter-stitch ribbing on the side of the leg,and lace on the front and back of the leg.
The sample was knit on *2.25mm double-pointed needles, but the pattern is written that they could easily be knit using magic loop or two circulars, if you wanted.   The yarn used is Fleece Artist BFL Sock in "Jade" (sadly, now discontinued), but any BFL/Nylon blend would work well for these socks.  I would suggest a tonal or a solid, so as not to obscure the lace pattern.

If people are interested, sign ups are here on the Ravelry Thread!  You will have to be a member to view and post to the thread, but sign up is free.

The deadline for this test is May 24, 2018.  Testers who complete the test will receive the finished pattern for free, as well as one pattern of their choice from my self-published patterns.

Also, if you want to be notified on Ravelry about new test knits, you can PM me on Ravelry to sign up in my test-knitter's thread.  I'll also post test-knit calls here, to my other social media platforms (FacebookG+PatreonInstagram ), and, I'll send out test-knit calls to those on my mailing list, as well, so hopefully, anyone who's interested will see my test-knit calls.
Thanks for your patience with two tests so close together!  I hope one of the tests strikes your interest, and I'd love to see you as a tester!  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!