Affiliate Link Information and Details


People often ask me if there are other ways to support my work.  Now, I'm pleased to say, there are!

1)  I'm part of EatSleepKnit's Blog Rewards Program.  I get $5 in store credit if a new customer makes a purchase from them using a link from my blog; and, I get 5 "yards" in their loyalty program if someone new visits their site from my blog!You can find all the details here!

2) I'm a Knit Picks Affiliate.  I earn a commission on orders placed via affiliate links..  You can see the details here.  There's no additional cost to you. That's it!
Knit Picks Affiliate Link

3) I'm also an Etsy Affiliate.  I earn a commission on purchase from affiliate links, but I can't earn commissions from my own Etsy Shop, understandably.  Like with Knit Picks, there's no additional cost to you.
Etsy Affiliate Link

 People also ask me why I'd become an affiliate, especially since I have a business of my own.

Answer is complicated:

1) Pattern sales alone aren't enough to support this business.  Maybe one day, but not now.  And Knit Picks and EatSleepKnit are both generally good companies that I've been happy to work with. And I've bought many an awesome thing from an Etsy Seller (or many!)  So, since I can earn money (at no cost to my followers), by promoting companies that I've been happy to work with, why not?  And everything I've got an affiliate link up for is something that I've used and been superbly happy with.

2) My work and my industry means that it makes sense.  If I work up a sample project in Knit Picks yarn, then I'd be linking to the yarn I used anyway!  So, why not create an option where I can earn a bit of money as well as pointing people to the awesome companies and people that I've had the pleasure to work with?

3) I'm not going to be 'advertising'.  Any links I do post on this blog will be context-sensitive, and a lot of my posts still probably won't have a single affiliate link. The purpose of this blog is to share information, create community, and promote my work.  Not to advertise products.    But, a single link to the yarn that I used, or the store that I bought it from, placed in context?  People ask those sorts of questions, and now I can gain a small commission or reward for promoting the materials that I used.   But for those concerned that I'll be using this blog to openly sell other people's stuff?  Nope.  That would take away from my own voice and my own sales.  Doesn't make sense.

4) I didn't want to do AdSense.  Ads on a blog are annoying.  And I use an ad-blocker over about 99% of the internet nowadays, and I know I'm not the only one.  This way, there's no risk of random, inappropriate content, or ad features that interfere with the functionality of my blog site. Actually, according to my research, affiliate links are now generally considered a better monitization method.

5) I didn't want too much of a 'consumer' vibe.  Ads pop up and say "buy me now!"  The affiliate links are far less intrusive, and are also far more honest, in my opinion.  They're  me saying "hey, this is where I got this yarn/tool/pattern. If you want to check it out, go ahead, and yes, -if- you buy it, I get a small reward."  I wanted something that was easy to ignore if you weren't interested.

6) Finally, you -never- have to purchase something from my affiliate links.  If no one ever does, I'm ok with that!  But if you choose to, then it helps me pay the bills and cover some of the expenses of this business.  That's it.